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The drawings, Grooming, Lift, Searching For The Whites, and The Right Measure are about the scrutiny I place upon myself daily, in the mirror, often as part of my regular grooming rituals. I set out to create these artworks as a way to make sense of my experience of aging: confronting the gritty reality that my body is changing, and reassessing how I relate to my aging features. Through the process of creating these drawings, the act of self-scrutiny was slowed. I was able to step outside the experience of snapshot selfies and glamour culture that often pressures how I measure my beauty and self-worth. I want to see myself through my own creative lens. I hope by sharing these intimate moments that I am connecting with women experiencing similar moments, confronting themselves in the mirror.

Charcoal drawing of woman plucking her unibrow by Kelly Jane Smith-Fatten
Charcoal on Paper
14x17 in.